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This Gentle Way - 1:1 Sessions

Welcome to This Gentle Way. Together we work to open access points to your individual spiritual awareness and capacities. We design specifics practices that guide you in achieving your own individual evolution. We work to create shifts in your frequency and daily intentions. We use prayer, meditation, astrology, dreams, the cosmos and intuition to guide each session. 

Quantum Meditation

Quantum Meditation sessions are extremely potent sessions of guided meditation. We set very specific sacred space, and then go into 45 minutes of guided meditation. As we enter meditation, I set the intentions and the energetic grids, so that you can access your own capacity to feel, sense and imagine beyond the physical body. We work with visuals in the meditation and trusting what comes into our field during the course of the meditation. It is very akin to dream weaving and interpretation. We then take about 15 minutes to talk about the feelings of the meditation, the imagery of the meditation and your personal energy and frequency. I guide you to the field and you pull through information and data that is coming to you from the quantum realm. It is dreamlike and shifts your energy and frequency. 

Intuitive Guide Session

An Intuitive Guide Session is a dialogue between the two of us where I actively pull through and channel information to help bring you clarity, understanding, insight or other ways of thinking about situations in your life. This is a beautiful way to converse, to allow you to speak more, to share more, to talk through some of your own questions, and to receive in real time channeling specifically for you from your guides, your angels, and any other beings who are here in the unseen realms that are guiding you. It is super powerful and mystical, and also it’s very practical. 

True Sky Astro

True Sky Golden Age Astrology sessions are where I do most of the talking. I pull up your chart with your True Sky placements. True Sky placements are different than traditional placements, and often will give you an upgraded, elevated perspective on the actual placements of the cosmic bodies on the moment you were born. This then allows you to access new codes, information and ways of being to help guide you in real time on what might be going on in your life, how you might be processing certain situations, where your strengths are evolving, and so much more. This is where you can ask questions and we will assess your chart for perspective. I use the Golden Age Astrology archetypes to bring more clarity to the actual energetics and blueprint coding of the cosmic bodies and their placements in your chart.


True Sky Astrology is different than Traditional Western Astrology. I recommend to people who are seeking this style of session to be very open to the new interpretation of your birth chart. Most likely, it will read as different placements than what you have known throughout your life. This is a powerful upgrade to your operating system. True Sky Golden Age Astrology allows you to unlock your own personal understanding of your energetic blueprint and liberate from outdated archetypes. 

*Golden Age Astrology archetypes were originally channeled by Chalice Grove. 

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