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Courses Coming Fall 2024

TGW course are for the spiritual seeker. The teacher, healer, guide looking for a refresh. These courses are for the human ready to intentionally embark on a spiritual journey. 

These are not your typical New Age Guru offerings. These are courses that guide you to be your best teacher, you to be your best healer - they guide you to remember your Power and Worth so that you can advocate for your evolution.

Are you ready to DEEP DIVE?

Are you ready to ATTUNE at a higher level?

Are you ready to become the healer, teacher, guide, and human you are feeling called to BECOME?


All while having fun and enjoying the MAGIC of being alive?


NOW IS THE TIME! Welcome to your Evolution.


Spiritual Growth 101

Let’s take it back to the Basics. Realigning with our daily practices, reasons why, and re-familizaring ourselves with the modalities is sometimes necessary. This four week immersion is just that. 

REALIGN with your Soul and get back online. 

Designed as a four week program

OR take it at your own pace.

4 modules for $444

- each module includes video, PDF, and practices.



Dreams Weaving & Deciphering

I get it! You wake up and feel like you traveled the cosmos, watched the craziest movie ever, or lived multiple lifetimes in one night. WHAT DOES IT MEAN? While there is no one size fits all for dream weaving and Deciphering, there are some surefire ways to gain more intel into what you are doing when your eyes are closed. 

Designed as a four week program

OR take it at your own pace.

4 modules for $444

- each module includes video, PDF, and practices.


Intensive for Inuitives

It’s time! You are ready to get fully ONLINE with your powers of clairvoyance, intuition, reading energy and connecting with the guides and angels. 

You feel this power and now you want to know exactly how to harness it and channel in new and profound ways. 

Designed as a Ten week program

Or go at your own pace

$1999 for ten modules


Cosmic Consciousness

Your Intuition is fierce, your capacity to read the stars is online, your wisdom is flowing and you are ready to ELEVATE.


This course is designed directly with the access codes from our higher intelligence. You will learn to tap into the Quantum, you will learn to guide yourself and others into mystical experiences,  you will forever transform and evolve your comprehension of why we are here. 

This is for those who are remembering. This is for those who are integrating. This is for the Souls who volunteered to be here and are looking for their team in this dimension and all dimensions. 

Get ready to hear from your Heart and weave from your mind a whole new connection to the realms and realities. 

Oh and also, your human will have so much fun along the way. Let’s be honest we have to tend to the practical, physical and majestic reality of these bodies. 



This is designed as a 12 week program.

OR go at your own pace


$4800 for 12 modules 

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