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Wherever you go,

Whatever you do,

the Divine Spark of Creation

is moving through you. 

Allow the Power of the Cosmos

to guide each Breath. 

-this gentle way



Beautiful Beings, 


This Gentle Way is scheduling at a limited capacity for 2023. I was planning to take a full sabbatical this year to write my book and dive into the evolving flow. And yet, my energies are being called to work with those feeling the emergence and evolution. So for those seeking, I am here for you. 

Working 1:1: 

• If you are a current client, please follow booking process detailed below. 

• If you’ve just found this page or have been interested in working together, I encourage you to email me directly to learn more about my offerings and how I work as a Guide.

• If you’ve been following for daily wisdom, meditations, energy updates, and astrology downloads, please tune in to Instagram for weekly posts. 

Process for booking:

1. Use the Book Online link above. Select your preferred type of session, find a time that works for you, and book your session. 

2. After you secure an available time, go to the payment link and pay for your session. Payment must be received prior to session. 

3. You will receive an auto-confirmation email 24hours prior to session. 

4. The day of session, you will receive via text or email our Zoom Link


5. We will meet for either 60 or 90 minutes session at the scheduled time.  

6. Follow up emails will be sent only as necessary. You are responsible for scheduling addtional sessions.



Thoughts for 2023: 

For the past few years, I have been experiencing a deep node of soul evolution. It is raw, extremely beautiful and so, so powerful. I am honored to be at this part of my journey, and I bow in deep gratitude to the guides, guardians and the energy being shown to me. This rising of gnosis is requiring massive awareness to turn inward, clean up energetic chords and attachments and overall prepare for the upcoming paradigm shifts (both individual and collective). The emergence and unfolding has allowed me to embrace my multidimensional layers of being. I am able to download, intuit, and meditate at new and profound levels and frequencies. When we work together, I guide you to these elevated levels of being and show you your potential.


For me individually and for all of us, 2023 is going to be hugely intense, cosmically aligned, and will guide our evolution beyond places of comfort into spaces of profound possibility. This is exciting and necessary. This will require discernment and brilliance when it comes to our individual energy and collective field. I am taking aligned action to clear my channels and respect what is coming through. I suggest you do the same. 

With this upgrading data in your field, try to embrace these tenets for the upcoming year: 

  • Boundaries (of space, time and energy)

  • Prioritize Individual Energy (wellness and fitness)

  • Support (in anyway you can) the collective energy during the upcoming monumental shifts of being and evolution

  • Believe it and then you will see it (not the other way around).


Always align into each moment with Joy, Love and Gratitude. 


Please use this daily prayer to guide your Heart and field.


May I be safe.

May I be happy.

My I be healthy.

May I be here.

May I be Love.


I am Grateful for this Day.

I am Grateful for this Life.

I am Grateful for all things.


I bow to the Divine in all.

Thank you as always for showing up. 



True Sky Pisces.png

"Tori has been lovingly guiding me as I embrace my gifts and connect deeply with my purpose in life. Through one-on-one mentoring and various workshops, Tori has provided me with the wisdom that I have needed to grow and expand. Without fail, her words always seem to find their way to me at the exact right time when I need them the most.  She walked alongside me during a time when I experienced a tremendous loss and she helped me to process my grief and find ways to integrate the lessons and insights that were coming through. Tori is a talented healer and a skilled guide, and she could be of great service to anyone who is ready to step into their power and purpose. I am so grateful for her teachings, her presence, and her kind and loving approach to this work." 

  - C, guide and healer

“I am in awe of how supported I felt with not only Tori’s energy and also all the benevolent unseen support to hold us in the space. The information that dropped in allowed for me to open and trust into who I am and forever becoming as Tori shared. 

There is such relief in knowing how the energies are supporting in each moment and loved the way Tori was able to convey that information to support it into the highest good of my becoming. Tori is a beautiful gift and powerful healer."

- Megan, guide and sound healer 


Individual Evolution is Collective Evolution

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