Wherever you go,

Whatever you do,

the Divine Spark of Creation

is moving through you. 

Allow the Power of the Cosmos

to guide each Breath. 

-this gentle way




Woven Wisdom
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"Tori has been lovingly guiding me as I embrace my gifts and connect deeply with my purpose in life. Through one-on-one mentoring and various workshops, Tori has provided me with the wisdom that I have needed to grow and expand. Without fail, her words always seem to find their way to me at the exact right time when I need them the most.  She walked alongside me during a time when I experienced a tremendous loss and she helped me to process my grief and find ways to integrate the lessons and insights that were coming through. Tori is a talented healer and a skilled guide, and she could be of great service to anyone who is ready to step into their power and purpose. I am so grateful for her teachings, her presence, and her kind and loving approach to this work." 

  - C, guide and healer

“I am in awe of how supported I felt with not only Tori’s energy and also all the benevolent unseen support to hold us in the space. The information that dropped in allowed for me to open and trust into who I am and forever becoming as Tori shared. 

There is such relief in knowing how the energies are supporting in each moment and loved the way Tori was able to convey that information to support it into the highest good of my becoming. Tori is a beautiful gift and powerful healer."

- Megan, guide and sound healer 

Let's Work 1:1  
Working 1:1 with Tori provides an opportunity to evolve as an individual. Your individual evolution is necessary for the collective evolution. Each session creates a portal to your own wisdom, the unified field and our shared consciousness.
As you continue working with Tori, you will elevate your daily practices and consciousness.

Through Meditation, Dreams, and Astrology, Tori accesses quantum levels of data, information, and wisdom. Tori is a highly intuitive guide who has studied for over 15 years in the art of Meditation, has a lifetime of access to the Dream World, and is initiated in Golden Age Astrology. She uses her own experiences and attuned clairvoyant senses to decipher, transmit and access the unified field. She guides you in evolution. This work is transformational, powerful and necessary.

If you are new to working with Tori, please start with the Meditation Mentorship. This Mentorship guides you in the basics of Meditation and setting up daily practices of devotion. 

If you have been working with Tori for a while, or you have an established Meditation practice, please book one of the advanced offerings. These offerings guide you to profound access of your own frequency, consciousness and energetic blueprint.
Meditation Mentorship
Quantum Meditation
Dream Analysis
Golden Age Astrology
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