This Gentle Way





Wherever you go,

Whatever you do,

the Divine Spark of Creation

is moving through you. 

Allow the Power of the Cosmos

to guide each Breath. 

-this gentle way





Access a new interpretation of your Natal Chart and the energy of the Cosmos.


Each reading is completed using Sidereal Analysis with a synthesis of Tropical analysis to create an upgraded perspective of your original energetic imprint and evolutionary potential.


We activate the highest version of each sign and planet, release the distortions and inversions, transform the traditional archetypes and let go of the looping patterns of fear in order to initiate Love. 

This the Golden Age lens. 



 Personalized sessions





Intuitive Guidance

Mystic Wisdom

Energy Forecast

Daily Practices

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Student Testimonials:

"Tori has been lovingly guiding me as I embrace my gifts and connect deeply with my purpose in life. Through one-on-one mentoring and various workshops, Tori has provided me with the wisdom that I have needed to grow and expand. Without fail, her words always seem to find their way to me at the exact right time when I need them the most.  She walked alongside me during a time when I experienced a tremendous loss and she helped me to process my grief and find ways to integrate the lessons and insights that were coming through. Tori is a talented healer and a skilled guide, and she could be of great service to anyone who is ready to step into their power and purpose. I am so grateful for her teachings, her presence, and her kind and loving approach to this work." 

"I remember my first class with Tori felt like absolute magic and food that my soul was craving. I felt grounded in my body, open in my heart and steady in my mind. I have continued to seek out offerings from Tori because she is authentic in what she teaches but also in how she embodies the practices. She has an incredible ability to hold space for her students to feel safe enough to dive deep into self reflection and journey into the teachings of asana, pranayama and meditation. As a mentor, Tori has changed my life and helped set me on a path of awakening and authenticity. I am forever humbled to be in this world with her as a guide standing by my side."

- Xochilt, Nike Trainer and Teacher


"I’ve always admired Tori as a teacher and a mentor to me, as I am a instructor myself. Her teachings are rooted in her experience and her personal practice and they are powerful tools that have helped me in my daily life. I especially enjoyed her CULTIVATE program. It was an incredible way for me to cultivate and integrate a daily practice - something I’ve been attempting to do for years. She guided us all with wisdom organized by a different theme each week, all of which were digestible and relatable to my every day life while learning and seeking for meaning beyond it. I especially loved reading her essay on each theme and the guided daily practices and recordings from her own voice. It was pure magic and I highly recommend!"

- Erin, Business Executive and Yoga Teacher  


This Gentle Way Subscription
This Gentle Way


Monthly downloads of Woven Wisdom


Ancient Mystical Teachings,

Contemporary Spirituality 

and Future Infinite Potential. 

Access your own Inner Knowing


Written Word,

Guided Meditations

and Live Oral Transmissions.

This is a Portal

to your

Creative Process,

Individual Evolution

and the Collective Evolution

of our times.

Dream Analysis

Join this amazing group of seekers as we explore the Power, Wisdom, and Insight of the Dream World.