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Victoria Newburn's first book, "The Weaver and the Welder"  will be published summer 2024. It is a collection of micro essays, reflections and poetry. Victoria (known as Tori) has been crafting these passages since 2011 and is honored to be a steward of these writings. The reader will be guided through moments of raw truth, contemplation, shifts in perspective, deep feeling, shared humanity and more.


As an artist and an intuitive, Tori has a way of weaving personal experience and quantum wisdom, which she welds together into accessible passages about what it truly means to be human. "The Weaver and the Welder" is simultaneously mystical and practical, representing the evolving potential of humanity. 

"Ever since I was a young child, I have been highly attuned to the mystical and acutely aware of our time-bound realities, belief systems, roles, responsibilities, and social identities. When I experienced the loss of my grandmother, 2007, the grief activated an aspect of soul curiosity. I started on a journey of spiritual exploration - navigating the realities that extend beyond space and time.


We are more than the roles we play in our lives, more than the mistakes we've made or the ego-based gratifications we've sought. We are sacred, timeless beings living a human existence. The inspiration for writing these pages was sparked from the realization that "Everything is sacred and time (as we know it) is not real."


This awareness has guided my journey as an artist, a teacher, a daughter, a mother, and now as the author of "The Weaver and the Welder," which brings together a collection of wisdom writings for collective evolution. This book is designed to be your companion as you navigate your own soul journey toward an expanded perspective and liberated way of being."

Welcome to This Gentle Way 
work 1:1 with tori
Tori started her business This Gentle Way in 2017. She has loving been working 1:1 with clients since that time. Working 1:1 with Tori provides an opportunity to evolve as an individual. Your individual evolution is necessary for the collective evolution. Each session creates a portal to your own wisdom, the unified field and our shared consciousness. As you continue working with Tori, you will elevate your daily practices and consciousness.

Through Meditation, Dreams, and Astrology, Tori accesses quantum levels of data, information, and wisdom. Tori is a highly intuitive guide who has studied for over 15 years in the art of Meditation, has a lifetime of access to the Dream World, and is initiated in Golden Age Astrology. She uses her own experiences and attuned clairvoyant senses to decipher, transmit and access the unified field. She guides you in evolution. This work is transformational, powerful and necessary.

If you are new to working with Tori, please book an Intake call to learn more. 

If you have been working with Tori, please book your preferred session style. 
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