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This Gentle Way 

TGW Memberships are the best way to stay connected to a high level of spiritual guidance and intuition. With Intuitive Essays, 1:1 sessions, monthly True Sidereal Astrology Energy report, Group Gatherings and more this Membership is a treasure trove of content to activate your higher levels of remembering.

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Victoria Newburn's first book, "The Weaver & the Welder,"  is a spiritual memoir. Victoria (known as Tori) has been crafting these passages since 2009 and is honored to be a steward of these writings. The reader will be guided through moments of raw truth, contemplation, shifts in perspective, deep feeling, shared humanity and more. As an artist and an intuitive, Tori has a way of weaving personal experience and quantum wisdom, which she welds together into accessible passages about what it truly means to be human. "The Weaver & the Welder" is simultaneously mystical and practical, representing the evolving potential of humanity. 

"Ever since I was a young child, I have been highly attuned to the mystical and acutely aware of our time-bound realities, belief systems, roles, responsibilities, and social identities. When I experienced the loss of my grandmother in 2007, the grief activated an aspect of soul curiosity which started me on a journey of spiritual exploration. Since that time, I have been navigating the realities that extend beyond space and time. In 2012, when my intuition fully came online, I was able to contextualize all of the vast thoughts, messages and awarenesses I have received throughout my life. 


We are more powerful than we could ever imagine. We are humans who are Divinely designed and embody lifetimes of Soul code. We are timeless beings living the human experience. The inspiration for writing these pages was sparked from the realization that everything is sacred through the Divine Design of our reality. And, that time is not linear, rather a spiral of energy opening us evermore to a profound remembering our of connection to all things. 


This awareness has guided my journey as an artist, a teacher, a daughter, a mother, and now as the author of "The Weaver & the Welder," which brings together a collection of life moments and distilled wisdom. These reflections on my individual evolution are bound together to inspire collective evolution. They are gathered to tell the tale of an ordinary human accessing extraordinary wisdom. This book was written to inspire you, the reader. It is also a reminder to all of us that we can each unlock the Soul code that is deeply embedded within. These pages are designed to be your companion as you navigate your own spiritual journey toward an expanded perspective and liberated way of being."

Who is Victoria (Tori) Newburn?

Tori is an intuitive author, multi-hyphenate mystic and guide. She has an infinite capacity to connect to the unseen realms. She has guided hundreds of clients through extraordinary experiences creating access points to remember who they are. She utilizes her skills of intuitive channeling, astrology, yoga, meditation, energy wellness and art to combine next level experiences and conversations with clients. She synthesizes personalized practice plans to guide each individual to evolve along their spiritual path. Through Meditation, Dreams, and Astrology, Tori accesses quantum levels of data, information, and wisdom.


Tori has been channeling since she was a young child and is able to receive messages from her guides, who she lovingly refers to as "The A Team." The A Team is made up of Ancestors, Ascended Masters, Angels and Ancient/Future Beings. She also has a strong channel to the Elemental Beings, Animal Spirits, Auric Fields and Crystalline Grids. The A Team has granted her access to The Library (many call this the Akashic Records) and she often catches glimpses of past/future/concurrent timelines of her clients. All of these channels merge together to create a woven, elevated snapshot of reality and bridge to higher consciousness. While this all sounds next level, Tori has a unique capacity to bring even the most surreal experience down into the practical realm of everyday life.

Tori has been teaching in some capacity since 2009. Tori started her online business This Gentle Way in 2017. Prior to her career as an Intuitive Guide, Tori enjoyed many years as an exhibiting artist traveling the world with her art. She has an MFA from American University. 

In the Fall of 2024, Tori will publish her first book, "The Weaver & The Welder." 

In addition to all of this magic, Tori co-manages the family homestead and lavender fields. She also guides her children through a hybrid/homeschool learning journey. 


As the world continues to shift and change, we each will continue to shift and change. Often these changes are made easier with a guide! Now is the times to take the next step on your journey of evolution.


If you are new to working with Tori, please book an Intake call to learn more. 
If you have been working with Tori, please book your preferred session style. 

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