Petal by petal

What if you had enough patience to evolve just like this? Petal by petal. Breath by breath. My downloads recently have been centered on this notion: Drop the urgency - it is toxic for your cells and soul. Instead lean into presence and witness the timing - fast or slow. And respond accordingly.

This is not about complacency. This is not about apathy. This is about genuine curiosity and presence. Therefore you can ignite deeper wisdom and take action. If something needs fixing, fix. If something needs illumination, illuminate. If something simply needs a gentle gaze, watch. ♾ Life as we know it is transforming. Shift into the higher frequency Love - there is no other way. Let go of urgency and Fear. Urgency is just the ego fixated on a future moment. The more powerful and potent medicine is the fierce action of now. Be here. Act. Show up, for yourself and others. Here and now. Here and now. Here and now. Petal by petal evolve toward a higher incarnation of your being.

Daily prayer: Remember, it is so simple, here and now, breath by breath. May you release the urgency fixated on the future and step into subtle fierce presence of Love. May you be a witness of your own evolution. #thisgentleway