We are in a constant state of duality. Being pulled one way or another. Reacting from gut, head, and heart. Oscillating between Fear and Love and fear and love. We are moving through this time of life trying our best and sometimes not trying at all. We experience success and failure. We experience gain and loss. We experience the inevitable suffering. And yet, we always have a choice. We always have the choice to choose Compassion. Here is what I know and here is what the transmissions are pulling down - we must lean into the interconnection of being. Compassion requires action. Compassion requires understanding. Compassion requires us to get uncomfortable. There is true illumination in this practice. But it isn’t easy. When Compassion is the practice, we are asked to get familiar with fear, pain and suffering. We get familiar on the personal level and the external level. We get familiar with these emotions so that we can realign the charge away from negative. We understand the deeper current to all situations. This does not equate to compliance. This is a teaching that allows us to see suffering and don the armor needed to alleviate the suffering. But here is the tricky part - it is alleviating the suffering of all beings, friends and foe. In order to truly practice Compassion you must see yourself in ALL others, not just the ones you deem right. Your must also extend to those whom you deem wrong or othered. The longer we stay in the paradigm of right vs. wrong, the longer we will do the dance of fear vs Love. So do not bypass with ignorance, step into the fires of your being and become a warrior for Love. Extend unconditional Love to all beings everywhere. We are ALL illuminated by the same universal Love. We as humans DO NOT get to choose who is worthy of this Love. Every being is worthy of this Love.✨May we practice true Compassion. May we sit in discomfort and allow it to teach us about the interconnected nature of all beings everywhere. May we understand that one beings suffering is all beings suffering. May we choose Love over and over and over. May we not bypass, but rather show up as a warrior of Compassion.