End of the Decade Daily Practice Reminders 2

December 17, 2019

Dearest Ones, 


The end of the decade has me quite reflective and reminiscent of all I have experienced - the great transformation of healing, and massive shifts of being that have occurred over the past ten years. I am so grateful for this life and this path. The practices that I am offering this week have been life lines, anchors and down right necessary to get me to where I am today. I hope you find ways to incorporate this wisdom into your daily flow here at the end of the calendar year and take them with you as we embark toward new adventures that lie ahead. 


Start your Day with Seated in Breath Awareness (Meditation!)


Before starting your day, right after waking up, sit in a comfortable seat. Turn your phone on airplane mode. Set the timer for 5 minutes and 10 seconds, press start and settle in. Notice your breath, breathe as deeply as you can in and out through your nose. For the remainder of the time, quietly notice your breathing moving and each time another thought comes into your headspace, bring the awareness back to the breath. 


Let’s break this down a bit more for a deeper understanding of the power of this practice. 


When we transition from our sleeping to our waking state, there is a literal phase change in our way of being. What I have gathered from years of research and practice, is a simple yet clear understanding of this process. While we are sleeping, our brain waves are in one state, while we are waking our brain waves are in another. Similarly, our energetic bodies and nervous system experience a transformation as well. We go from the space of minimal external input, rest, recalibration and dreams to the space of increased external input, movement, sensory experience and waking reality. The space between is a place where we can learn to utilize breath and awareness to improve our way of being. Simply put, we do not have to flip the switch from on to off, rather, a gradual passage from state to state is preferred.


Morning Meditation is a practice that capitalizes on this phasing. Sitting in seated stillness and noticing your breath before your brain and body have fully arrived into the waking state is a way maximize the calm transition of your being. You get to indulge in and fully enjoy your rising. While communicating, through practice, to your brain, nervous system, energies, etc. that you are holding space for the transition and are appreciating the process by not rushing toward the next. 


In the external world, we have the universal example of the sun rise. The sun does not simply go from below the horizon to high in the sky, rather is rises slowly. It is a poetic, enchanting and spiritual moment for all who witness. You yourself, can experience this sensation in your own being on a daily basis. Starting your day with Breath Awareness is akin to witnessing to the sunrise of your own being. Sit, notice, breath, watch yourself arrive into the waking state. Calm your mind, become enchanted by the rhythm of breath as if you were watching the sky illuminate. 

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