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December 16, 2019

Dearest Ones, 


Posting here some helpful reminders of daily practices you can use to keep yourself grounded &  present as we embark on this journey toward longest night (solstice 12.21!) full swing holiday cheer (whatever that means to your heart!!), and end of the year/decade (!!!).







Setting Intentions 


As we start the flow of our day, it is essential to set sacred space for our on going mind training and energetic balancing. Throughout our waking hours, there are countless stimuli coming our way - everything from world events, to what we consume through the senses, an exchange passing strangers on the street, the digital interfaces, relating and interacting with your loved ones and even the musings and discussions of our internal dialogues. We get zapped, pinged, and activated from the moment we wake up to the moment we fall asleep (and sometimes even through out the night!) Whether we are aware or not, each input leave an energetic imprint on our being. Especially at this time of year - racing around to check things off the list trying to 'fit it all in' before the clock strikes 12am to ring in the New Year - and New Decade (!). We are extra susceptible to less patience, overwhelm, chaotic thoughts, and low energy. But instead of falling into the routine way of being, you can use simple practices to regain balance and actually enjoy the end of the year. 

Setting Intentions is a way to clarify how and what you want to be in during the moments of your day. It is an energetic pep talk, to set the mental space of how you'd like to move through, up, down, and all around zaps and pings of the season. Essential to this practice is the awareness that thoughts are energy. And we can absolutely use our thoughts to our benefit, so that our mind is working with us and not against us - helping us to restore and rejuvenate as we navigate these short, ye full, days. So lets learn to use this energetic practice to our benefit. 


With every practice, start by connecting to your breath. Take a deep breath in and out. Now, use the tool of your brain to imagine (visualize) what you'd will be doing and how you’d like embody through out your day. Set the intention of how you'd like to be either by actively saying it in your mind, or by physically writing down on paper. You can activate the same intention every day, or shift depending on who might be seeing and what you might be doing. Also, it is important to keep this positive, as it is the energetic foundation for each moment - where the awareness goes the energy so. I'd recommend sending energy out that you want to support (!). 


Here is an example:


Deep breath in and out. Today, I am patient and kind. I understand that many different people and experiences will come my way. Through cultivation of patience and kindness, I will ride the waves of these experiences. It is through the lens of patience and kindness that I will choose my words, actions, reactions, thoughts and energies. I will embody patience and kindness and give this to strangers, loved ones and myself. I will give permission to patience and kindness to be my guides as I move through my day. The energy that I put out into the world will be patient and kind and through these vibrations I am sending patience and kindness to all beings everywhere. I am patient. I am kind. Deep breath in and out. 


Remember, living these practices is similar to training for anything … it is gradual learning of a new task. As we set our intentions, we create the safe and sacred space for our minds, hearts and bodies to move through this world.

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