Infinite Potential

Let’s talk for a minute about Infinite Potential - the dancing spiral of the micro and the macro.

Do the best you can to think about the microscopic level of your body. Specifically the cells and then even smaller the DNA and then even smaller and smaller until you get to the space between the smallest parts of this living form. Then zoom back out and think about this planet, this solar system, this galaxy and then all the other galaxies and the space between those galaxies. And now, think about the creative Force that makes everything spiral, rotate and move continuously in a circular way. And now think about your mind and how the thoughts swirl and move and the space between your thoughts. And now realize that each being is made up of the same molecular compounds as the galaxies of the universe. And now ponder for a moment about Infinite Potential, even just shifting your awareness and curiosity in this direction will open the portals to deeper understanding.

Remember that because we are all the same on the molecular level as the heavens there must be a vast of purpose for each individual being. So lean in and let go of the smallness and fear of the ego that confines the individual. Dismantle your ego and rebuild your inner voice.

Listen to your Soul and soar with the Infinite Potential of Spirit. Because Spirit inhabits the space between the molecules of your being and the molecules of the stars. From above to be below, we are in this together. Literally We Are One. Do not use this as a bypass from the work. Use it as inspiration for the deeper more profound layers of working toward the Oneness of humanity and all life on all planes.

My prayer today: May we move beyond the confines of ego and step toward the remembering of the Infinite Potential if Spirit.