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Training for Collective Evolution

You are being called 

Ignite Training

for Collective Evolution

Here’s the deal. There is no denying it, this world needs embodied guides, healers, and translators of the ancient wisdom. This world needs individuals to step into their power and heart. This world needs embodied beings to guide our shift of consciousness. This world needs business owners, parents, teachers, workers, students, friends, brothers, sisters, sons and daughters • ALL OF US • to step into their purpose. This world needs each and everyone one of us to IGNITE and guide our collective evolution through the frequency of LOVE. There is no turning back.


IGNITE is a training for the individual and the collective. This training will give you the tools you need to find alignment, teach, guide and LIVE in our new world paradigm. This training will teach you meditation techniques, movement practices, energy cultivation and exchange, heart activation,  access to shared wisdom, how to upgrade your own being and those you teach, guide, and live alongside in this life.

This is the moment on your journey when you are being called to embark, remember, access the wisdom, and bring the treasure back into the world.

Will you answer the call?

This is your calling.

If you hear it, I will guide you on this path.


Ignite Training

for Collective Evolution 

One on One Training Program 

90 Day Container


The Alchemy: 

7 Guided Sessions 



Daily Practice 




Integration and Impact Development 



Accountability Check-ins




90 Days of Ignite Training for Collective Evolution

Session One: 

welcome to the Collective Evolution


Session Two: 

the physical realm of being 

Session Three:

the energetic  realm of being

Session Four: 

the thought  realm of being


Session Five: 

the wisdom  realm of being


Session Six: 

the spirit  realm of being


Session Seven: 

onward on the path


Investment and Energy Exchange: 


$1500 for Individuals

$2000 for Couples

Rolling Enrollment

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