What is Cultivate? 

a seven week journey to create routine, ritual,

& effective practices 

you will awaken, remember,

& step into a new way of being 


7 Chapters (300+ pages)

40 daily writing prompts 

40 daily gratitude practices

Ritual Practice 

7 Guided Meditations

7 Guided Breath practices 

7 Energetic Balancing practices

7 Chanting and Harmonizing practices



Weekly Movement Sessions &

support from your online community 

3 Mentorship Sessions one on one with Tori 

Access to growing alumni cohort 

Next Session 

March 21st-May 8th







Pricing &

Energetic Investment

Schedule an Info Session

for more details

*scholarships available*


a curious mind

dedication to the practices as you integrate them into your daily life

willingness to keep going

an open heart

the desire to truly find a new way of being through accessing timeless wisdom

All donations will be passed along to organizations 

focused on change & collective evolution.

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