What is Cultivate? 

a four week journey to create routine, ritual,

& effective practices 

you will awaken, remember,

& step into a new way of being 

hosted by NOW YOGA PDX


4 Essays

28 daily writing prompts 

28 daily gratitude practices

Ritual Practice 

Guided Meditation

Guided Breath practice 

 Energetic Balancing practice

Chanting and Harmonizing practice



Two LIVE 90 minute session with Tori

Weekly recorded content

Access to growing alumni cohort 

20 Hours CE from Yoga Alliance

Next Session 

April 25th- May 22nd







Pricing &

Energetic Investment

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*scholarships available*


a curious mind

dedication to the practices as you integrate them into your daily life

willingness to keep going

an open heart

the desire to truly find a new way of being through accessing timeless wisdom