This Gentle Way is a Global Meditation Consultancy created and founded by Tori G. Newburn. TGW offers Wisdom for Collective Evolution, Meditation and Golden Age Astrology, through trainings, one on one sessions and a monthly subscription.


We currently serve clients from many different lived experiences and look forward to growing our impact in the months and years ahead. We are accepting referrals for individuals, families, companies, and anyone seeking access to their own wisdom and evolution. All are welcome and safe here at TGW.

TGW believes that Meditation is the key to the next phase of evolution on this planet. We are honored with the responsibility to guide and lead at this time.

TGW is here to serve the Collective Evolution. 

mystic & guide

Tori is the Founder and Creator This Gentle Way (TGW).  


TGW is Global Meditation Consultancy focused on Trainings, One on One Sessions and a Monthly Subscription. TGW guides individuals, companies and families as they dive into the life transforming and illuminating practices of Wisdom and Meditation.


Tori has a unique capacity to distill potent wisdom from her own lived experience, studies, and intuitive downloads. She translates this knowing and these practices to become the shared frequency of the contemporary Collective.

Tori woke up to her path during a time of great healing. She remembered a way of being that allowed unveiled her mission as a Mystic, Guide, and Creator. She is on a lifelong journey of remembering, acquiring data and experience, and diving deep into the Realms of Being. 

She has traveled this world visiting many activated and inspiring locations. She has guided immersive experiences in Mexico, Nicaragua, Botswana, throughout the US, and virtually - connected group worldwide. Tori works with all levels and styles of students - from CEOS and executives, to influencers and entrepreneurs, to families, actors, artists, doctors ... list goes on. 



Tori maintains a devoted discipline in the daily practice of meditation and accessing wisdom. Her teachers are many. She resonants with unconditional Love, the wisdom of The Guides, and Power of God. She continues to explore many world religions, traditions and myths, the intelligence of the Cosmos and Unified Field of Consciousness.

This Gentle Way guides you to explore your Individual and Collective Evolution. 


Tori holds a BA, MFA and ERYT 500, YACEP. She is a graduate of DePauw University (BA) and American University (MFA). She has exhibited her art both nationally and internationally. She is an alumni artist of the Art in Embassies Program (Botswana). She completed her 200hr YTT certification in 2010 and completed her 500hr YTT certification in the Prana Vinyasa tradition. She has completed level one of Golden Age Astrology.

She radiates Joy, Gratitude, and Love as she spends time being a Mama and Homeschooling her wise, soulful children Josephine and Reeves, and being in partnership with her beloved John. She grew up with her sister, parents, and large extended family. She is currently in the Midwest (USA), steeping in the wisdom of the lakes, woods, wide open spaces, and connecting to her Ancestral roots.