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Tori's daily embodiment assimilates ancient wisdom, contemporary philosophy and Love. Many years ago, Tori woke up to her path during a time of great healing. She remembered a way of being that allowed for deep knowing of her mission as an intuitive mystic and guide.


She has traveled the world to many ancient locations. Additionally, she has taught immersive experiences throughout the world. She has danced and studied with the Prana Vinyasa Tribe; steeped in the practice of Kundalini yoga; received astrological guidance and quantum energetic healing; and maintains a deep discipline in the daily practice of meditation and accessing ancient wisdom. Her teachers are many. She has found an essential resonance in the power of unconditional Love and the Great Spirit and continues to explore many world wisdom traditions and the stars.


She lives a full spectrum life and offers her insights through intuitive guidance, meditation, writing, creativity, movement, gratitude, Love, joy, and breath. 


She believes in the amazing potential of guiding people into clarity of unconditional Love and how to be in this world through many integrated practices. She created This Gentle Way to be a platform of intuitive guidance. TGW offerings guide students as they dive into the life transforming and illuminating practices Tori has received from her own Guides and gathered from the shared wisdom of all traditions.


Please join her on this path of transformation, evolution, creating, moving, remembering, practicing and being. 



Tori holds a BA, MFA and ERYT 500, YACEP. She is a graduate of DePauw University (BA) and American University (MFA). She has exhibited her art both nationally and internationally. She is an alumni artist of the Art in Embassies Program (Botswana). She completed her 200hr YTT certification with Flow Yoga Center (Washington, DC) and received her 500hr YTT certification in the Prana Vinyasa tradition. 

She radiates Love as she spends time being Mama to her wise, soulful children Josephine and Reeves, and being in partnership with her grounding, inspiring husband John. She grew up with her sister, parents, and large extended family. She is currently on a pilgrimage of connection as we embark into the Golden Age. 

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